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Academic Qualifications:

Ph.D. Political Science [Boston Univ.] 1977.

BA (Combined Hons.) Political Science and History [Univ. of Ghana], 1969.


Academic Awards

[1]        Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship for “Reflections on Development”, 1987.

[2]        Alphonso Castagno Memorial Award for Doctoral Research in Africa, African

Studies Centre, [Boston Univ.], 1975

[3]        African Studies Centre, [Boston Univ.], Grant for Research in Africa, 1974-1975.

[4]        Fulbright-Hays Scholar, 1971-76.

[5]        Award for “Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Humanitarian Concern” by Boston Univ. International Students Club, 1976.


Employment History

  • Emeritus Professor of Political Science, University of Ghana. Since December 2009
  • Professor – Department of Political Science, University of Ghana.
  • Executive Secretary – African Association of Political Science, Jan. 1998 to June 2001
  • Administrative Secretary – African Association of Political Science, Oct. 1995 – December 1997.
  • Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Ghana, July 1994 – October 1995.
  • Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Ghana, December 1990 – June 1994.
  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Ghana, March 1983 – November 1990.
  • Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Ghana, October 1976 – March 1983.



Visiting Scholar, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, February – March 1995.

Visiting Scholar, JSC African Studies Center, UCLA, April-May 1993.

Visiting Scholar, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, January-April 1988.

Visiting Scholar, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands, June 1985.


Academic and Administrative Leadership

Over the last 30 years I have provided outstanding leadership in three executive positions; namely,


  1. Administrative Leadership

First Executive Secretary – African Association of Political Science (AAPS) October 1995-June 2001:

  1. Provided leadership in defining research agenda
  2. Planned and prepared projects and programmes, and implemented them
  3. Managed research programmes
  4. Principal fundraising officer
  5. Financial administrator
  6. Editor of the association’s journals and newsletter
  7. Publisher of the association’s books and other publications
  8. Expanded and strengthened the membership base of the association
  9. Established and managed links with other professional bodies
  10. Organized conferences, seminars and workshops
  11. Promoted scholarship in the “study and application of political science in and about Africa”.
  12. Established the headquarters secretariat for the association
  13. Developed an efficient administration using a skeleton staff
  14. Ensured prudent and transparent financial administration
  15. Took the initiative to raise funds to purchase a building to house the headquarters of the association as part of efforts to institutionalize the association; and thereby gave it a permanent home and identity.
  16. Introduced new and innovative ideas and programmes: E.G.
    • Research and methodology workshops for young university lecturers to assist in raising the standard of teaching, research and scholarship generally in African universities.
    • Mooted the establishment of a Claude Ake Prize for Excellence in Political Science to promote excellence in the study of political science by young African scholars.
    • Mooted the launching of an Endowment Fund for the association, which was due for registration and launching at the time I ended my tenure.
    • Facilitated the preparation of A Strategic Plan for the association, the first since it was founded in 1973.


  1. Academic Leadership

Head of the Department of Political Science, University of Ghana

Offered leadership to research and publish 6 books on politics in Ghana, addressing issues in Ghana’s transition to democracy; namely,

  1. The Search for Democracy in Ghana, (edited by. K. A. Ninsin & F. K. Drah), Accra: Asempa Publishers 1987.
  2. Ghana’s Transition to Constitutional Rule, (edited by. K. A. Ninsin & F. K. Drah), Accra: Ghana Universities Press 1991.
  3. Political Parties and Democracy in Ghana’s Fourth Republic, (edited by. K. A. Ninsin & F. K. Drah), Accra: Woeli publishing Services, 1993.
  4. Intellectual Freedom in Ghana, (edited by. Amos K. Anyimadu).
  5. Democracy and Conflict Resolution in Ghana (edited by Mike Oquaye), Accra: Gold-type Publications for 1995.
  6. Ghana: Transition to Democracy, (edited K.A. Ninsin), Dakar: CODESRIA Books, 1998 (Ghana Edition by Freedom Publications, 1998).



Also, provided leadership in the ff areas.


  1. Restructured the Department’s BA and MPhil syllabus
  2. Organized a series of workshops for members of Ghana’s Consultative (Constitution) Assembly on key constitutional, political and developmental issues from October 1992 to February 1993 to equip members with the necessary skills for writing a democratic constitution that would address issues of development, justice and human rights
  3. Planned, and executed a study of Ghana’s 1987/88 and 1994 district level elections
  4. Initiated and did the initial planning for the study of Ghana’s December 1996 general elections. (The project was finalized and executed under the leadership of my successor.)


  1. Others

Master of Mensah Sarbah Hall, University of Ghana (then with the largest student population

  1. Initiated a fundraising programme for the Hall
  2. Started an investment policy for the Hall.
  3. Instituted The Mensah Sarbah Memorial Lectures as a platform for addressing some of the pressing issues in Ghanaian politics, and a means for enriching the intellectual life of fellows and staff of this Hall of Residence and the general University community.



 Undergraduate Courses Taught:

  1. Political Economy of African Development
  2. Government and Politics in Ghana
  • Social and Political Theory
  1. Comparative Politics
  2. Introduction to Government and Politics of Africa
  3. Government and Politics in Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Government and politics in Ghana since independence (I)
  • The Military in Ghanaian Politics


Graduate Courses Taught:

  1. Contemporary African Politics Systems
  2. Strategies of African Development
  • Theories of Development and Underdevelopment
  1. Conflicts in African States
  2. Democracy and Governance in Africa
  3. Human Rights in Africa
  • The State and Democracy in Africa


Administrative/Executive Positions

Administration of Student Hall of Residence

[1]        Member, Council of Mensah Sarbah Hall: – 1979-October 1995

[2]        Master, Mensah Sarbah Hall:  – October 1991-December 1993.

[3]        Vice Master, Mensah Sarbah Hall:  1989-90

[4]        Senior Tutor, Mensah Sarbah Hall:  1981-82

[5]        Tutor, Mensah Sarbah Hall:  1978-81


Faculty Administration

[1]        Member, Board of the Faculty of Social Studies:  1980-86; 1989-Oct. 1990

[2]        Member, Faculty Appointments Committee:  1989-October 1995.

[3]        Member, Management Committee, Legon Centre for International Affairs: 1992-94.


University Administration

[Academic & Non-Academic]

[1]        Member, Residence Board:  1981-82; 1989 to December 1993.

[2]        Member, Management Board University primary School: 1981-85.

[3]        Member, Housing Committee:  1984-87; 1992-1995/

[4]        Member, Vice Chancellor’s Committee on Information Flow in the University: 1979-80.

[5]        Member, Vice Chancellor’s Committee on the Revision of University of Ghana Act & Statutes:  1987-88.

[6]        Member, Board of Graduate Studies: 1992-October 1995.

[7]        Member, Admissions Board: 1977-October 1986.

[8]        Member, Academic Board:  1979-86; 1989-October 1995.



[1]        Chairman, Joint Executive Committee of Academic and Non-Academic Staff Unions, University of Ghana, 1985-87.

[2]        President, University Teachers Association of Ghana [Univ. of Ghana Brach], 1985-87.


Extension Service

[1]        Member, Consultative Assembly [that wrote Ghana’s 1992 Republican Constitution, (Served on 2 Committees) August 1991 – March 1992.

[2]        Resource person/trainer, CUSO/CCPD Training Programme on Participatory Approach to Training for rural development workers in the Northern Sector of Ghana, 1990-1991.

[3]        Candidate, 1979 parliamentary elections in Ghana.

[4]        Participant in numerous Radio & TV Programmes, Public Lectures, Seminars and Workshops.

[5]        Member, Social Science Sub-Committee of Ghana UNESCO Committee, 1980-8.

[6]        Guest Lecturer at the Ghana Armed Forces Staff College, 1978-86.

[7]        Vice Chairman, Ghana National Committee Against Apartheid: 1988-1990.



Membership of Professional Associations

[1]        African Association of Political Science [Executive Member 1991-1993; 1995-present].

[2]        International Political Science Association 1997-2003

[3]        African Studies Association [USA]: 1974-1980; 1997-2000

[4]        American Political Science Association: 1994-1996

[5]        Society for International Development [Ghana Chapter]



Research Projects



The Ghanaian Parliament and public policy

Democracy and elections in Ghana

Globalization and politics in Africa



[1]        Elections and Democratization in Ghana, 1989-1995.

[2]        Economic Recovery and the Informal Sector, 1987-88.

[3]        The State, Economic Recovery Programme and National Development, 1989-90.

[4]        Land and Politics, 1979-85.

[5]        Modernization in the Ghanaian Fishing Industry, 1978-79.


Conferences, Seminars and Workshops Attended (with papers)

More than 200 conferences, seminars and workshops since 1976.



I was also member-coordinator of 3 major research projects; namely,

[1]        Global Coalition for Africa Research Project on “Democratic Transition in Ghana.  The outcome of this research project has been published by CODESRIA in Dakar and Freedom Publications in Ghana as Ghana: Transition to Democracy (K.A. Ninsin, Editor).

[2]        Scientific Coordinator for Conference on “Research Priorities and Integration within the ECOWAS, April 20-21, 1992.

[3]        Coordinator: First CODESRIA National Working Group in Ghana Researched and published an anthology “The State and Development in Ghana since Independence, 1986-88.  I co-edited the anthology which was among the first in the CODESRIA Book Series.



Consultancy Services

[1]        Economic Commission for Africa: Prepared a chapter for textbook on Development Economics for African Universities 1991.

[2]        International Development Research Centre, Regional Office, Dakar: “Regional Perspectives on Development Issues”, 1991.

[3]        International Labour Organisation, Geneva: “The Urban Informal Sector in Ghana and Nigeria”, 1991.

[4]        Associates of Rural Development Inc., Washington: “The Structure and Financing of Political Parties in Ghana”, 1993.

[5]        CINERGIE/ADB/OECD, Paris: “WALTPS GHANA CASE STUDY: The Role of Ghana in the West Africa Region Integration Issues”, 1993/94.

[6]        Global Coalition for Africa/Africa Leadership Forum: “Ghana, Transition to Democracy, 1993/94.





Recent Publications:

  • Issues in Ghana’s Electoral Politics (editor) forthcoming
  • KWAME NKRUMAH: A Leninist Czar or Radical Pan Africanist and Visionary? (Freedom Pubblications, Accra 2015)


[1]        Globalized Africa: Political, Social and Economic Impact (editor) Accra: Freedom Publications, 2012

[2]        Ghana: Transition to Democracy, (editor), DAKAR: CODESRIA BOOKS SERIES, 1998.

[3]        Ghana’s Political Transition, 1990-1992, (Selected Documents), (editor), Accra: FREEDOM PUBLICATIONS, 1996.

[4]        Political Parties and Democracy in Ghana’s Fourth Republic, [with F.K. Drah, eds.] Accra: WOELI, 1993.

[5]        Ghana’s Transition to Constitutional Rule [with F.K. Drah, eds.], Accra: GUP 1991.

[6]        The Informal Sector in Ghana’s Political Economy, Accra: FREEDOM PUBLICATIONS, 1991.

[7]        The State, Development and Politics in Ghana [with E. Hansen, eds.], DAKAR: CODESRIA BOOK SERIES, 1989.

[8]        The Search for Democracy in Ghana [with F.K. Drah, eds.], Accra: ASEMPA PUBLISHERS, 1987.

[9]        Political Struggles in Ghana, 1967-81, Accra: TORNADO PUBLICATIONS, 1985.


Articles and Book Chapters


[1]        “Informalization and Ghanaian Politics” in Ghana: Changing Values/Changing Technologies [Helen Lauer, ed.], Washington: The Council for Research on Values and Philosophy, 2000.

[2]        “Globalisation and the Future of Africa”, AAPS Occasional paper Series, Vol.4, No.1, 2000.

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Several unpublished manuscripts.



Editorship (Past)

[1]        Editor:  African Journal of Political Science

[2]        Editor:  AAPS Occasional Paper Series

[3]        Editor:  AAPS Newsletter





Publications, & Conference Papers Since 2001



  • “The Commonwealth and Human Rights in Africa: The Case of Nigeria” in Contemporary Human Rights Issues in Commonwealth West Africa (Edited by Bernice Sam) Accra: Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, 2003.
  • “Democracy: Liberal or Social?” In History and Philosophy of Science for African Undergraduates (edited by Helen Lauer) Ibadan: Hope Publications, 2003.
  • “Africa’s New Social Movements and The Limits of Politics” published as “Les nouveaux mouvements sociaoux Africains et les limities de leur politique” in Et Si l’Afrique Refusait Le Marche? (Alternatives Sud Vol VIII 2003 No. 3) Paris: Centre Tricontinental, 2001
  • “African State and Society in the Age of Neo-Imperialism: The Dialectics of Marginalization.” Paper presented at the conference organized in Cairo, Egypt by The The Arab Centre for Strategic Studies on “Arab-African Space in The Age of Globalization” from May 27-29 2002.
  • “Kwame Nkrumah and the Politics of Identity” Paper presented at the Conference of the Historical Society of Ghana, University of Ghana, Legon, July 25-28 2002.
  • “Human Resource Development, International Migration and The Development of Africa” Report Prepared for the African Association of Political Science (AAPS) as part of the Regional and Strategic Studies Programme of the African Futures Network of the National Long-Term Perspectives Studies. August 20, 2002
  • “Political Economy of African Integration” Paper presented at a Workshop on The African Union Organized by the African Association of Po9litical Science in Conjunction with The World Centre for The Study and Research on The Green Book, Tripoli, Libya September 10-14 2002.
  • “West Africa’s integration and the logics of history and culture” Presented to the conference on ‘The African Union and New Strategies for Development in Africa’ Organized by CODESRIA and the DPMF in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; 26-28 January 2004. (Revised for publication)
  • “The Third Wave of Democracy in Commonwealth West Africa – An Assessment” Paper presented to the Workshop on Constitutions and Constitutionalism in Commonwealth West Africa organized in Banjul, The Gambia from 26th to 27th January 2004 by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Africa Office in Accra (Revised for publication)
  • “Globalization and Africa’s Triple Heritage” paper presented to the 30th Anniversary Conference of the African Association of Political Science. Yaoundé, Cameroon June 28-29, 2004.
  • “Left in the ditch: Africa and the dialectics of globalization” in K. Konadu-Agyeman and Kwamina Panford (eds.) Africa’s Development in the 21st Century: Issues, Opportunities, Challenges (Ashgate, 2006) Chapter 4.
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  • “Dome-Kwabenya and Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituencies: A study in Voter Choice in the December 2004 elections” in Voting for Democracy: The 2004 Elections in Perspective Volume 2. (K. Boafo-Arthur, editor) Freedom Publications, 2006.
  • “Markets and Liberal Democracy” in K. Boafo-Arthur (ed.) Ghana: A Decade of Liberalism CODESRIA/ ZED, 2007
  • The Politics of Land Tenure Reform in Ghana: From the Crown Lands Bills to the Land Administration Project (With Ernest Aryeetey, Joseph R. A. Ayee, and Dzodzi Tsikata ISSER, University of Ghana, 2007
  • Ghana at 50: Tribe or Nation Accra: Institute for Democratic Governance, 2007
  • “Ghana” Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (ed.) Parties and Democracy: The KAS Democracy Report 2007 Bonn: Bouvier Verlag, 2007.
  • Executive-Parliament Interface in the Legislative Process: A Synergy of Powers? Accra: Institute for Democratic Governance, 2008
  • How Parliament Decides – Decision-Making in Ghana’s Parliament Accra: Institute for Democratic Governance, 2009.
  • Ghana’s Traditional Authorities in Governance and Development (with Collins Nunyonameh, Peter Fiamor and Douglas Quartey), Accra: Institute for Democratic Governance, 2010.
  • Political Transition and Human Development in Ghana (Contributor of 2 chapters and Editor) Research Report Prepared for the UNDP, Accra. 2010
  • Governance and Human Development in the Western Region (Co-Authored with Emmanuel Akwetey on behalf of IDEG for UNDP) November 2011
  • “Introduction: Globalization and Africa: A Subjective View” in Globalized Africa: Political Social and Economic Impacts (Editor: Kwame A. Ninsin) Accra: Freedom Publications, 2012




Research/Administrative Responsibilities


Head of Governance and Nation-Building Programme, IDEG

General Editor: IDEG Publications

Editorial Advisory Board: J. of Modern African Studies (Up to 2011)

Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Comparative Education and International Relations,

Editorial Advisory Board, African Journal of International Affairs, CODESRIA (since 2009)

Guest Editor, Africa Development (Special Issue: Elections in Africa) Vol. XXXI No. 3, 2006.

Editor, Ghana Social Science Journal (Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ghana (2005 – 2010)